Welcome to the blog "Journey with brush"

Welcome to the blog "Journey with brush".

I have started painting since my childhood but when I reached graduation level I left it due to various reasons. But suddenly last year (2009) I got the inner call to restart.

Some of my friends, colleagues & relatives appreciated my paintings & encouraged to continue with my painting. They often ask me to show them my latest paintings. So, I decided to create this blog to display my work to them who love, adore & appreciate painting. I would also expect genuine feedback as my journey with brush will continue as well as my learning process.

Thank you for visiting the blog "Journey with brush".

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wet lands

The location I tried to depict in this painting “Wet lands” is Kerala, a state of India. Kerala is also popularly known as “God’s own country” since the tourism dept. of Kerala govt. has adopted the brand “God’s Own Country” to promote the tourism of the state.

With the Arabian Sea in the west & well networked forty four rivers, Kerala enjoys unique geographical features. The exotic beaches, emerald back waters, hill stations, wildlife, waterfalls, plantations, flora & fauna makes Kerala as one of the most sought after tourism destinations in Asia.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Early morning

This time I decided to do something different with limited colours.
In this painting I just tried to capture an Early Morning. The sky is filled with cloud; the ray of the sun is visible only in the distant sky. I believe, somehow, partially I achieved what I set out to achieve & I am happy with the result. Still Comments, feedbacks & suggestions are most welcome.